Many people want to learn about ayurvedic medicine and due to the lack of in depth professional courses in the West it is always best to go to the heart of ayurveda to learn about this ancient art of medicine.

Why go to India to learn?

Quite simply ayurvedic medicine is very very complex and unless you have an in depth understanding of the language of Sanskrit you can never really have a full understanding of the art.

But there are courses in my country…

There may be courses in the West and I have researched many online however they only really delve into the basics a full understanding of ayurvedic medicine takes decades of learning and perfecting. Ayurvedic knowledge is normally only passed on from family to family and these families are the ones who hold the real knowledge and secrets of the art.

So where do I look ?

I will be providing a full review of what I think are the best places in India to go to for Ayurveda training which will make you a master practioner of the art of ayurvedic medicine.