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    Your Ultimate Guide to Quick Vegan Recipes

    Read this vegan cookbook now on your PC, mac, smart phone, tablet, kindle device or paperback.

    This book provides a practical guide to adopting a vegan lifestyle. If you are thinking about eating a vegan diet, you are probably worried about the time commitment and the lack of choices. Then let this quick vegan cookbook awaken your mind. This vegan cookbook has a long list of recipes that can be done within 20 minutes. It has a list of vegan recipes that are classified by type: appetizers, snacks, sauces, desserts, beverages etc. Yes, you can live your entire life with vegan recipes. It’s not just about salads; it can be about vegan cheese, vegan ice-cream, vegan burgers etc.

    Highlights of this book:

    • How a vegan diet improves your long term health and benefits the eco-system
    • Vegan Stir-Fries
    • Vegan Smoothies
    • Vegan Sauces
    • Vegan Pasta
    • Vegan Burgers and Sandwiches
    • Vegan Soups
    • Vegan Appetizers
    • Vegan Stir-Fries
    • Vegan Salads
    • Vegan Beverages
    • Vegan Deserts

    What’s Special

    What differentiates this vegan cookbook from other vegan books is it lets you get from the kitchen to the table in under twenty minutes. Most similar vegan books focus on certain areas of vegan diets (vegan pressure cooker, slow cooker etc.), this book discusses all types of foods with a focus on ensuring that no time is wasted in the kitchen. “101 Vegan Recipes” also wants to make sure you understand just how much of a difference a vegan diet makes to the planet and to your health. No matter which of the vegan books / quick vegan recipe books you choose, I would be glad to have you healthy and save the environment by adopting a vegan diet plan.

    What’s Special

    I love these recipes! Just to name a few of my favorites: Roasted Jalapenos and Lime Rice, Coconut and Strawberry Ice Cream, Peach Pudding and Berry Swirl. Niceness! Awesome! You can’t tell me you need meat to make a good dish.

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