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    Tulsi Holy Basil is truly the “Queen of Herbs” and has been in use for over 5 thousand years in Ayurvedic medicine. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Homeopathy both have roots in Ayurvedic medicine as do other forms of natural healing practices.

    Numerous scientific studies are uncovering very exciting results proving just how powerful Tulsi Holy Basil really is. In fact, a current scientific study has shown that Tulsi is able to remove fluoride from drinking water to levels considered safe! This study is in addition to another recent study that shows this healing herb is an effective remedy in breast cancer, and still another study shows its effectiveness with liver disorders. Despite these, and many other studies, it is a wonder why North America does not value and promote holy basil as a much need healing herb and herbal medicine.

    This book describes the many healing properties and benefits Tulsi offers and provides recipes or best way to use this healing herb to treat the specific disease or disorder.

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