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    Dr Rupy is an NHS doctor with a passion for showing his patients and colleagues the incredible health benefits of food. This e-short will highlight seasonal eating as we approach the summer.

    Dr Rupy’s aim is to teach everybody the immense value of nutrition to combat some of the most common and preventable diseases. His book will take you on a journey of colour, flavour and cultures that makes healthy eating enjoyable and deliciously accessible to everyone.

    Seasonal eating encourages us to use a variety of food throughout the year that potentially has greater nutrient density. It also reminds us to utilise colour as our guide and gets us excited about using different plant foods that have functional properties as well as flavour. Eating seasonally also encourages a variety of produce in our diets. Some large studies show that variety, as well as the amount of fruits and vegetables in our diet, has a positive effect on health outcomes such as a reduced incidence of diabetes and chronic disease.

    Summer provides us with a bounty of delicious and beautiful fruit and veg, including watercress, purple sprouting broccoli, berries, rhubarb, fennel, asparagus and many more. Get a taste of summer with Dr Rupy’s inspiring and healing recipes such as Smoked Tofu with Rhubarb and Malay Salad, Mango Cashew Coconut Porridge, and exotic Black Bean and Raspberry Doriyaki.

    These simple, affordable and accessible ingredients are key to health. What’s more, eating plates with a variety of colourful plants is the easiest way to guarantee a complete range of phytochemicals and in summer it is really easy to eat the colours!

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