The Body Balance Diet Plan: Lose Weight, Gain Energy and Feel Fantastic with the Science of Ayurveda


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    The Body Balance shows us how to make small changes that can make big differences to the way we look and feel using Ayurveda. The Body Balance uses principles from Ayurveda, India’s oldest approach to wellbeing to help achieve fast and lasting weight loss. Author Emine Ali Rushton, Beauty and Wellbeing Director of Psychologies magazine was originally a sceptic but found herself being converted to an Ayurvedic dietary approach during pregnancy. During Emine’s lifestyle change, she discovered how Ayurveda can tune and rebalance the body to achieve life transforming results; something she particularly discovered after the birth of her first child where she experienced the fast and effective weight loss results of a dosha related diet. Daisha is a key principle of Ayurveda, it teaches us that we have a basic body type that defines our personality and physical wellbeing from the foods we crave to those that spark allergies and increase weight gain. The perfect book for anyone that has experienced yo-yo dieting, it explains Ayurveda in a simple language for those who have never encountered this approach before. The Body Balance includes a simple 3-day diet plan and 30 seasonal recipes using obtainable ingredients, making this lifestyle change easy and achievable. The Body Balance will help you to determine your dosha type and how to eat accordingly in order to make you feel energized, light and beautiful again. Emine believes in providing a sustainable and sensible approach to weight loss and to effectively rid diet myths once and for all, and The Body Balance Diet Plan does just that.

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