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Workshop on ayurveda and homoeopathy

A two-day long workshop on Sensitization of ASHAs on Ayurveda and Homoeopathy was conducted by Sikkim State Ayush Society last weeke in a … Google Alert – ayurveda

Exclusive workshop on yoga and ayurveda hosted at Embassy of India

He informed the audience with the health and spiritual advantages of yoga and ayurveda that are a necessity in our modern-day way of lives. He expressed … Google Alert – ayurveda

National workshop 'Drishtartha Shareeram-2018' held at JSS Ayurveda Medical College

He was addressing at the national workshop '' Drishtartha Shareeram-2018' ' on hard locations of dissection organised by JSS Ayurveda Medical … Google Alert – ayurveda

Yoga and ayurveda workshop held at Indian embassy

Muscat: Aasana Yoga Studio and Lama Polyclinic collaborated to host a workshop on yoga and ayurvedic wellness, to commemorate the Fourth United … Google Alert – ayurveda