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VEEN to Launch Ayurveda Water Soon

VEEN– a Finnish high-end water brand name founded in 2006 has carved a specific niche for itself as one of the purest natural mineral waters offered. Led … Google Alert – ayurveda

VEEN Launches Ayurveda Water – The Best of Indian Wisdom, in a Bottle

A NATURAL ELIXIR -Inspired by the 5,000-year-old science, premium Finnish water brand VEEN introduces Ayurveda Water– the finest of Indian wisdom, in a bottle. It'' s no trick that nature holds the alleviative powers to heal the mind and body. '' The Science…

VEEN launches ayurveda water

Motivated by the ancient customs of the Indian subcontinent, and VEEN'' s 2nd house in the Mountain range, VEEN has actually combined this science with its natural sparkling water to create 330ml of harmony– ayurveda water. The new line sees VEEN'' s natural…

Premium Finnish water brand Veen unveils Ayurveda Water in 330ml bottle

Veen, the premium Finnish water brand name, launched Ayurveda Water, influenced by the 5,000-year-old Indian science of life, in a 330ml bottle. … chairman, Veen, credited his German hotelier good friends, who went over the idea almost 3 years ago, on their return…