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Bengaluru ayurveda doctor dies in accident, Minister Zameer Ahmed Khan stops to help the injured

BENGALURU: A 52-year-old Ayurveda doctor died while his friend was seriously injured when a speeding lorry rammed their motorcycle at Cauvery … Google Alert – ayurveda

Paralysis or stroke: Can Ayurveda help in the rehabilitation of patients?

How reliable is Ayurveda in helping the rehab of stroke and paralysis clients? We got an Ayurveda specialist to inform us how this ancient Indian … Google Alert – ayurveda

Does Brushing With Neem Twig Help Give You Stronger Teeth and Gums? We Find Out

One of the most innovative uses of neem plant has to be its use in oral care and hygiene.If you have actually matured in India, you might have seen lots of individuals using a neem twig to brush their teeth in the morning.…

Ayurveda For Diabetes: 4 Ayurvedic Tips And Recipes To Help Manage Diabetes

As per Ayurveda, diabetes is a metabolic kapha type of disorder where decreased performance of agni (digestion fire) causes a propensity to high blood glucose. To control high blood sugar level, Ayurveda uses the following mixture – mix guduchi, shardunika, kutki, punarnava together.…

New app to help Ayurveda practitioners

With a view to assisting trainees, instructors and practitioners of Ayurveda, an app has actually been launched with substantial solutions from over three lakh … Google Alert – ayurveda

How to reduce high blood pressure naturally at home, take help from ayurveda and yoga

Dr Priyanka Sampat, senior doctor at Birla Ayurveda, says that Ayurvedic medicines like Jatamansi, Sarpagandha, and Amalaki (prescribed by … Google Alert – ayurveda

How Ayurveda Can Help Treat Flu

Ayurvedic treatment for flu makes use of a preventive method and making use of Ayurveda therapies, Ayurveda massage and Ayurveda medicines & & herbs. Google Alert – ayurveda

Ayurveda For Diabetes: 8 Ayurvedic Tips And Food To Help Manage Diabetes

There are many ways in which you can manage your diabetes and unforeseen blood sugar variation like by preserve a healthy diet plan. Ayurveda has lots of suggestions that might assist you through. (RSS created with FetchRss) Ayurveda: Latest News, Photos, Videos on…

Aloe Vera For Weight Loss: Here’s Why Ghritkumari May Help You Shed Kilos

Called ghritkumari in Hindi, aloe vera has millions of takers around the globe and is utilized in the type of gels, cream and juices, due to the plant’s marvelous health advantages. But did you understand that aloe vera may also help you in…

How Ayurveda Can Help When You Crave Sweets

Based on Ayurveda, Madhura rasa benefits Vata and Pitta dosha, but it negatively affects the Kapha dosha. The sweet taste of naturally happening food … Google Alert – ayurveda