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10 Ayurvedic Tips To Gain Weight


You can turn to Ayurveda for some solutions to put on weight the right way and the best part is that it determines your optimal weight not by the number on the weighing scale but by your body constitution (RSS generated with FetchRss)…

Ayurvedic Soap Bergamot regenerating


Regenerating Ayurvedic Soap (Bergamot, Geranium and Patchouli) Coconut oil is saponified cold pressed and mixed with vegetable oils and essential oils of plants known for their virtues in the Ayurvedic tradition.

Mysore Pure Natural Sandalwood Oil Ayurvedic Soap – 3 x 150g bars in 1 gift pack


Made with 100% natural sandalwood oil As recommended in Ayurvedic texts for soothing & antiseptic properties Made in a region in India that has made soaps and sandal products for generations Gift set for yourself or someone you care about or want to…

Kerala Ayurveda Retreats in India with Traditional Ayurvedic Treatments

AyurYoga eco ashram in the Mysore district of Karnataka, India is ALL here to relax your stress, make you blissful, detach you from toxins and manage weight with its Ayurveda Retreats. Amidst increased pressures of responsibility and burdens of deadlines, AyurYoga eco ashram…

5 Ways To Give Your Beauty Routine An Ayurvedic Touch


From soap to cleanser, these Ayurvedic products will give your beauty routine a natural touch. (RSS generated with FetchRss) Ayurveda: Latest News, Photos, Videos on Ayurveda – NDTV.COM

6 Essential Ayurvedic Herbs To Reduce Arthritis Pain This Winter


Winter is here; a difficult season for most elderly, especially those suffering from Arthritis. The tenacity of this common yet painful condition tends to increase during cold, winter days. Arthritis is a way of referring to joint pain or joint disease; which means…

New Study Links Sleep and Sperm Count: This Easy Ayurvedic Concoction May Help You Sleep Better


Loss of sleep may stem from a host of factors, one of the most common one being stress. (RSS generated with FetchRss) Ayurveda: Latest News, Photos, Videos on Ayurveda – NDTV.COM

World Mental Health Day 2017: 3 Simple Ayurvedic Teas to Tackle Depression and Anxiety


While a strong support system is always helpful in tackling stress and keeping anxiety at bay, natural ingredients may also come handy. (RSS generated with FetchRss) Ayurveda: Latest News, Photos, Videos on Ayurveda – NDTV.COM