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Kapiva Ayurveda eyes Hyd & B'luru markets

Hyderabad: Kapiva Ayurveda, a disruptive ayurvedic healthcare startup backed by the Baidyanath group, plans to foray into the Bengaluru and … Google Alert – ayurveda

'Diagnostic & clinical skills of Ayurveda graduates need to be stepped up for better delivery of …

Although Ayurveda graduates play an important role in public health delivery system, their formal training in basic diagnosis and clinical skills are poor … Google Alert – ayurveda

Frost & Sullivan Honors Madhavbaug Cardiac Care Clinics & Hospitals with "India Ayurveda …

Madhavbaug offers complete cardiac care services through a multidisciplinary approach, which combines modern diagnostics, advanced Ayurveda, … Google Alert – ayurveda

Ayush-64 & Ayush-82

Ayush-64 & Ayush-82 The Ayurvedic Drug Ayush-64 is very effective for the treatment of Malaria which is one of the most prevalent; destructive widely spread disease, well known to Ayurvedic Physicians as Visama Jvara from ancient times. In view of its wide prevalence…