Shahnaz Husain Shatone


A therapeutic lotion, based on Ayurveda, it helps to control dandruff and related scalp problems, restoring health to the hair. Containing herbal extracts of trifala, shikakai, bael, methi, hibiscus, it protects the scalp and prevents dandruff and hair loss. Tones the scalp and promotes healthy hair growth.

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Shahnaz Husain Shamla scalp cleanser (200ml)


In today’s modern age, Shahnaz Husain have used these methods, combined with modern day science, to bring you products that are free of harmful chemicals and produce the maximum results. This Scalp Cleanser is a must-have serum. It contains rose extract that is used to strengthen the hair from root to tip, without promoting excess oil. Amla aids in giving texture to your hair. The formulation contains Amla ( Emblica officinalis) which adds body to the hair and makes them stronger, a powerful scalp and hair cleanser, helps to remove loose dandruff flakes. It also thickens the hair shaft and promotes hair lustre.

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Shahnaz Husain Shamoist Plus Intensive Moisturising Milk 100g


Indications: A premium moisturising formulation, it offers the ultimate answer to skin care needs. Specially reinforced with aloe vera juice and cucumber extract, it provides a surge of moisture to the skin, enhancing skin texture. It tones and nourishes the skin, leaving it smooth, soft and glowing. Directions For Use: Apply on face, neck and hands and leave on. Ingredients: Kheera Beej Extract 3.0%, Chandan Oil 0.25%, Chironji Extract 0.40%,, Madhu 0.25%, Aloe Vera Juice 1.0%, Badam Tel 0.50%, Wheat Germ Oil 0.50%, Base q.s. to make it 100%. Best before 3 years from the date of manufacturing and one more time the pack says: For Sale in India only, Not for export; which raises my doubts about the difference in quality of the product to be kept within the country and the one to be exported.

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Shahnaz Husain Henna Precious Herb Mix Ideal for Hair Conditioning & Colouring (3 x 300gms)


Shahnaz Husain Shahnaz Forever Henna Precious Herb Mix helps to condition and strengthen your hair. It also helps to control problems like dandruff and hair loss, providing colour and sheen, while restoring beauty and health to your hair. A fantastic mix which protects your hair, conditions it and also provides some attractive highlighting! Shahnaz Forever’s Henna Precious Herb Mix is an incredible blend of Henna and some other natural hair care herbs. It also works on removing the loose dandruff flakes, cleansing the scalp and granting a beautiful sheen to your tresses. So no more dull, damaged and lifeless hair; say hello to beautiful, silky smooth tresses.

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