SANTOOR Sandal & Tumeric Soap 34g (Pack of 5)


Product Features

  • Unique soap combining natural goodness of Sandal and Turmeric
  • Skin softening sandal with muscular/joint warming turmeric
  • Ayurvedic ingredients, all 100% natural
  • Selling in packs of bars of 5 so you have spares in the bathroom cabinet
  • Colourful and cheerful in the shower or on the side of the bath!
(as of 07/23/2017 04:51 UTC - Details)

Product Description

Santoor is truly a unique soap that combines the goodness of natural ingredients Sandal, Turmeric and natural Skin Softeners. Unpacked Weight: 38g each. Great to pack for the sports centre or for everyday family use at home in the bathroom. It’s bright and colourful as well as different and natural.

Customer Reviews

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