Organic India Moringa Capsules, 350 mg – 60 Count


Product Features

  • U.K'S only certified organic moringa
  • 2x protein than milk
  • 4x calcium than milk
  • 3x potassium than banana's
  • 7x vitamin c than orange
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Product Description

Organic Moringa Oleifera powder. A food packed with vitamins,Minerals,Antioxidants and phyto-nutrients.Moringa, a unique superfood, is one of mother natures most nutritionally beneficial plants. The Moringa tree is a native plant to northern India and Africa and was first described as a medicinal herb around 2000 BC. It is one of the few plants on earth that contains all the essential amino acids required for human protein synthesis. Moringa leaves are packed with vitamins and minerals. Its leaves are a nutrient power house for people of all ages. It contains 46 supreme and protective antioxidants and 36 natural anti inflammatory agents. Revolution foods Moringa is 100% organic and certified by Organic Farmers and Growers, INDOCERT, USDA, EU. The leaves are pure, freeze dried, none polluted and chemical free.

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