Miracle of Ayurveda: Doctors who don’t need Money

This Documentary is all about
Ayurveda:Ayurveda (Sanskrit: Āyurveda , “life-knowledge”; English pronunciation /ˌaɪ.ərˈveɪdə/) is a system of traditional Hindu medicine native to the Indian subcontinent.
How to prepare BHASMA : A very fine power of Nanoparticiles of As(Arsenic), Zn(Zinc), Hg(Mercury), Sb(Antimony), Au(Gold), Ag(Silver) etc.
Marma : In ancient Vedic times, marma points were called bindu – a dot, secret dot or mystic point. Like a door or pathway, activating a marma point opens into the inner pharmacy of the body.
In this Documentary, effect of Marma point has been illustrated for curing a ill person.
In bad hand this knowledge is very harmful, as a person can easily kill another person.
Cure of Poison,
Cure of Cancer
Honesty, Knowledge
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