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25 years of Bobbi Brown
My passion for wellness has opened me up to alternative healing practices, including a more holistic approach to nutrition and holistic practices like TCM, yoga, acupuncture and different types of massages. … Recently, I've been learning about the …
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These four Quebec retreats can help you find your Zen
Since noise had been my bugbear, my encounter in the middle of the night with a mosquito was my acid test. I chose to ignore its buzzing, and it … The morning begins at 5:30 a.m. at the Yoga Hall and a series of scheduled classes fill the day, a day …
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How blind faith is choking the Ganga
This is alluded to in a type of literature called Nighantu literature, a Sanskrit materia medica of sort—a glossary of words and objects that delineated the characteristics of herbs, trees, forests, water bodies, minerals, rocks, humans, animals and …
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