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Indian Summer Selection containing Goan, Bhuna and Tandoori Masala spice blends 3 x 35 grams. Indian food made easy. By Spice Pots

Product Features

  • Store cupboard essentials ensuring you can make easy Indian food with very basic ingredients
  • Indian summer recipe ideas included with full recipes on the website
  • Make burgers, chicken, vegetable or prawn kebabs, satay sauce, curry sauce, matar paneer and much more
  • Finest Indian spice blends with no added sugar or salt. Naturally gluten free.
  • 6 servings in each pot or approx 2 teaspoons per person for curries, less for rubs and seasoning.
(as of 11/17/2019 02:01 UTC - Details)

Product Description

Spice Pots are Indian spice blends to make simple and delicious Indian inspired food. Ideal for busy cooks, our pots all come with quick and easy recipes. Our Indian Summer Selection contains a Bhuna, Goan and Tandoori Spice Pot with summer recipe ideas for the barbecue, camping or dining al fresco. Spice Pots are store cupboard essentials, ensuring you can make tasty food with basic ingredients. Use with meat, poultry, fish, pulses or vegetables to make simple curries or use to season soups and samosas. Spice Pots contain no salt, sugar or gluten. Store in a cupboard once opened. 12 month shelf life. Make Tandoori Masala prawns or chicken, pork tenderloin with satay sauce, bhuna lamb burgers or bean burgers, Goan chicken burgers. Cold dishes and salads Coronation chicken Spiced Potato Salad Lentil and Tomato Salad Goan cous cous salad with herbs Use up summer vegetables: Matar paneer Summer vegetable stir fry Vegetable kebabs with satay sauce Spice Pots tomato curry sauce (great with leftovers)

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