Himalaya India Bresol Himalaya Breath Free 60 Tabs X 2 (2 Pack)


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    The breathe free capsules comes in a bottle which has 60 capsules. It is taken to get relief from respiratory problems. It can be had with conventional medicines. Once the user feels better, the dosage can be reduced and slowly stopped. It improves your lung capacity and also alleviates stress. Details the main ingredients of breathe free capsules are pippli, bibhitaki, krishna tulsi and pushkarmool. These capsules do not create any side-effects. The expectorant in the medicine takes out the sputum, thereby clearing your lungs. Features and benefits relieves asthma. It works well against chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases. Gives relief to cough and breathlessness. Sputum come out smoothly. Total improvement in respiratory functions.

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