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  • MAKE YOUR COCKTAILS AUTHENTIC Serve up a Moscow Mule as it was intended--in a copper mug!
  • HANDSOMELY CRAFTED Hammered finish makes the mug highly reflective and chic
  • PERFECTLY SIZED 4" tall by 3" diameter; Holds up to 400mL for a satisfying cocktail serving
  • ARTISAN CRAFTED Handmade in Muradabad, India; Of much higher quality than conventional copper mugs
  • EASY TO GRIP Contoured brass handle fits nicely in your hand and is very sturdy
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Product Description

The Moscow Mule came into popularity during the 1940s and 50s and is making a big comeback in bars across America. The drink contains 9 parts vodka, 1 part time juice and 24 parts ginger bill. Even if you have all of these things perfectly mixed and shaken, your Moscow Mule cocktail isn’t complete without one final ingredient–the Handmade Moscow Mule Copper Mug.

A copper mug is truly essential if you want to serve a Moscow Mule in the traditional way. It all started when the inventor of the drink, John G. Martin, began traveling around the United States during the 1940s to introduce his signature cocktail, at that time made exclusively with Smirnoff, to bars across the country. Martin always gave bartenders copper mugs and a bottle of the famous vodka and posed for pictures alongside them. Then, he would leave, allowing them to keep one copper mug as a souvenir.

Today, whenever Moscow Mules are served at home, they’re presented over ice in a copper mug. With the Handmade Moscow Mule Copper Mug, you can do the same when you make the drink at home! Unlike other copper mugs you can purchase in stores today, this one is completely handcrafted from the finest grade of copper available. Metalworkers in Muradabad, India, produce each one from start to finish and use a hammering technique to add a shiny, elegant look to the metal.

Easy to hold onto, the Handmade Moscow Mule Copper Mug is finished with a genuine bronze handle. The shape is inspired by vintage Moscow mule mugs to add to the charm of the design. The mug holds 400 milliliters and measures 4 inches in height by 3 inches in diameter.

Not just for home bars and bar gifts, the Mule Copper Mug can be used for serving drinks in bar businesses, too. The durability of the mug is second to none, making it the ideal choice for any bar that wants to add Moscow Mules to their drink line-up.<>pServe up a Moscow Mule the way it is meant to be enjoyed–in a Handmade Moscow Mule Copper Mug! Order one now.

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