Elderflower Moisturiser


Product Features

  • Combination skin is brought into balance
  • Increases moisture retention in dry areas
  • Controls sebum production in oilier areas
  • Destroys harmful bacteria in oily areas while soothing dry areas
  • 50ml
(as of 07/22/2017 05:07 UTC - Details)

Product Description

Product Description:A rich, yet lightweight moisturiser with Chamomile Oil, Ginseng Extract and Orange Oil, that nourishes, balances and defends combination/normal skin against harmful free radicals.Benefits:Combination skin is brought into balanceIncreases moisture retention in dry areasControls sebum production in oilier areasDestroys harmful bacteria in oily areas while soothing dry areasInfused with herbal extracts.Herbal Fact: ElderflowerA small tree, with clusters of small white flowers and blackish purple berries, which are commonly made into a tonic to soothe and combat coughing, colds and breathing problems. Use up Rate: 3 months

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