Dr. David Frawley Explores Ayurvedic Psychology | John Douillard’s LifeSpa

Dr. David Frawley Explores Ayurvedic Psychology | John Douillard’s LifeSpa

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Please join Dr. John and Dr. David Frawley as they discuss a topic very close to Dr. John’s heart. There is no greater expert on this subject than Dr. David Frawley, who just released his book with Suhas Kshirsagar, titled The Art and Science of Vedic Counseling. Dr. Frawley is recognized worldwide as the most highly acclaimed western authority on all aspects of Vedic Science.

In this podcast, they will dive deeply into the practical aspects of Ayurvedic Psychology and discuss the action steps you can make to transform your life, physically, emotionally and spiritually. This is truly a “must watch” podcast.


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