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At the initial stage, there are NO such symptoms that you can observe in the kidney failure problems. For this reason, patients cannot able understand that they are suffering from kidney related problems.

But as they get an idea of these symptoms, they consult doctors and the treatment gets started. We have to understand that kidney is a silent organ and the symptoms for the kidney problem will take time to appear in the patient’s body. Sometimes it happens that the patients go for the urine test and the doctor tells them that there is a kidney related problems. Sometimes, patients observe the swelling in the feet and when they consult the doctor, they get to know that there kidney is not working properly.

And there are cases when patients eat pain killers on regular basis, they have arthritis and pain in the joints, they end up by eating pain killers. The main reason for the kidney damage is the over dose of pain killers. And when the patients suffer from kidney damage, the treatment of kidney failure gets started. It is common to see the young patients as well that are suffering from kidney ailment. These young people go to the gym and take a protein supplements. It is always observed that these supplements that steroid in them that causes kidney ailment in most of the cases. It is always advisable to know these symptoms and treat them at the early stage to get better results .There are many cases where the level of Creatinine is around and when they approach the allopathic treatment, the level keeps on increasing.

What is the reason for this increase level? It is always seen that when the patients observe that they are suffering from the kidney failure and the level of Creatinine affected, they usually approach the allopathic doctors. It usually happens at the later stage of the kidney failure. At this stage, the Creatinine level is usually around to 2 and doctors recommends the treatments to them. Allopathic doctors also tell the patients that by their treatment, the kidney will be maintain and further decay can be stopped. And we witnessed that in that case the patients get the higher level of Creatinine with that treatment for no reason. The level of the Creatinine becomes so high that it touches to the level of 7 and 8 And when the level of Creatinine becomes so high, then doctors recommends that there is no improvement in the case and dialysis must be recommended to you.

Those poor patients make up his mind and begin his dialysis with that doctor. Then doctors tell that patient that now dialysis cannot be done for long period of time, and hence the transplant is a better option in those cases. After the transplant, they will get to know that the transplant will work for 5 hrs or 5 years, it is not certain. The maximum tenure for this transplant reaches to maximum 5 years. There are cases where we have seen that after coming out of the OTPs after transplant, the life of the kidney is less than 30 mins. So, there is no guaranteed for transplants that will it works or not In this case, the amino system becomes very bad and patients suffer from much disease like Hepatitis and TB.

There are many difficult precautions involve with them as well. With Kidney transplant procedure, the amino suppressive medicines are also given to the patients that make the condition of patient even worst. In this case, the amino system becomes very bad and patients suffer from much disease like Hepatitis and TB. There are many difficult precautions involve with them as well. After the transplant, patients take more than 6 months to recover. But in our cases, we also tell patients to keep a record on the reports and see the improvement yourselves. We always tell our patients to understand the whole process. It is always better to know the whole process wherein the level of Creatinine changes from to 7 and 8, then you are recommended dialysis, and transplant is done. When transplant got failed, then the patients are asked for dialysis again. So you started with the dialysis and end with the dialysis. It is more like a circular cycle. It is like a swing treatment. It is like a see-saw that you have started with this and end at this, without any improvements. This is very important to understand and keep yourself safe from all this. If you are having the dialysis, then you must know that dialysis is not a treatment, but a process for maintenance.

All in all, we all know that medical terms can only be understood by your doctor. That is why we are going to the technical terms here. We just want to know that our kidney can be come back to the normal working condition. It is very simple. We all are more concerned with the advantages and benefits. So, if you need those benefits, please call at these numbers. If you are a patients or your family member is suffering from any kidney aliments. If the kidney get shrink, if kidney get failed or if your kidney is at dialysis or the doctor have recommended the kidney transplant Then we can understand there are many problems when you suffering from all this. Now we will talk about the problem of kidney shrink.

We wear talking about the kidney shrink in few minute back. So, please tell us that what the relation is between the kidney shrink and kidney failure? But the GFR is keeping on increasing. And there are many cases, where patients have lower GFR but the Creatinine level keeps on increasing with normal size of the kidneys. And there are many cases, where the patients have small size of kidney with compromised GFR. So, we have no direct relation with all of them. Yes, if the kidney is shrieked, then on one hand where kidney filters 1 Ltrs, then in that case it will filter 50gms.

But that doesn’t means that kidney will fail because of this reason. So, there is no direct relation and the changes are likely to be high in these cases. The next question is that there are situations when patients need to go for that on regular period of time. What is the solution for that When person is ill, he goes to the hospitals to heal.

But in this case, when he went to the hospital, he gets to know that he have to go permanently to the hospital. Doctors tell them that they need to do the dialysis twice a month. They need to get the regular routine checkup at the hospital. And then patient keeps on stuck with the dialysis. But in our case, if you have not yet started with dialysis, then you must meet us as soon as possible and start the treatment with us and see the improvement.

With time, you will see the improvement in the graph and GFR level. And those patients who are already taking dialysis- like if you are using dialysis twice a week, they should also come. We will check the GFR test and see the level filtration the kidney is doing currently. We will repeat this procedure after every 3 months. As we can see the improvement in the filtration level of the kidney, you can see yourselves the changes in the improvement. This improvement will come both in the physical sense as well as in the medical reports. When the level of the GFR touches the 25ml, then the protocol says that if your kidney filters 25 ml per minute then you don’t need any kind of dialysis. But in my cases, I saw in many cases in my OPD that when the kidney filters around 15 ml/ mins then also there is NO need for the dialysis So, when you come to see us, we will do the test and see the report. Then I can check that dialysis is required or not. Because of the medications, the number of the dialysis will reduce. The patients, who are having dialysis twice a week, will be reducing If you are having thrice in every 15 days, first it will change to twice in 15 days and once in every 15 days and gradually will stop the dialysis as per the reposts and improvements.

And all this will be done as per the medical reports certifications. Then it will be your choice, you can reassure these reports from us or from any other doctor, or anyone in this world. That doctor will do the thing that I am doing here at my OPD. This is a process of treatment. Ayurveda treatment doctors are saying that the dialysis will gradually decline with time. When GFR get improved, The GFR is the rate of filtration the kidney is doing. Then there is NO need for the dialysis. All these procedure are done as per the medical parameters. This is the procedure. In the treatment of allopathic, they will focus on the iron, calcium, and other symptomatic treatments. If you have low calcium, then it will be improve. If you have low hemoglobin, then they will give injections.

If you have urine related problems then you will be given lazerijatic. This treatment will harm the kidney later on. Now, One more thing I want to tell you more is that all these reports are from different labs and different places. See, how the patients from different states come and get improved. See this is a report, this patients comes from Kashmir. When he meets me, the Creatinine level was 10.09. He begin his treatment, we was recommended a dialysis. Then the Creatinine level lower to the level of Then he after doing the treatment the Creatinine further lower down to And then next month he again go for the test and he was from Kashmir.

And all the reports are from Kashmir only. Then the Creatinine level lower to All this level was changed in the tenure of 3 months. Now he is currently treated under me and successfully comes out of the protocol of dialysis. Now he doesn’t require any kind of the dialysis. I have one other report that I want to share that with you. This patient is from New Delhi. When he come the level of Creatinine was 3. 54. His Creatinine reduces to 2.94. All those patients whose Creatinine level is 2, 3 or 4 and the dialysis are not yet started then you must come and start the treatment with us as soon as possible.

All those patients must see me and do as per the prescribe advices. And all those whose dialysis have started, must never feel bad and disappointed. And all those whose dialysis have started, must never feel bad and disappointed. They are been told that they don’t have any treatment for this problem. Instead they must tell that patience that in allopathic treatment, they don’t have any treatment for this problem. It is already proofed that the functionality of the kidney can be revived. It is medically certified. This is another report from Lal path. This patience had a Creatinine level of and after the treatment the Creatinine reduced to 5.3. He is very regular with these reports. This patient is with us from last one month only. And one more thing that I was discussing with you is that about GFR. It is the filtration rate. And how this rate can be improved? Now I will show you that report. This is a GFR and the report is from BLK hospital. This patient has a GFR of As this patient was from defense, and the next report was from the defense lab.

In that report the GFR is It means that the GFR is not only increased but also he has come out successfully from the dialysis protocol. Plus his lifestyle and routine become normal as well. Now I will show you the next report The name of the patient is Ram Manohar lohiya. The Creatinine level is and after the treatment gets reduced to He has taken the medicine for 2 months and after 3 months, he visited us with the report.

All these patients are regular. Now this is a patient from Bihar. The Creatinine level was 13, when he met me. With Creatinine13, he comes to us. And after the treatment, it gets reduced to and then after the repeat visit, the Creatinine level further reduced to Now the Creatinine level is come to normal at the reports of He has seen the regular change and improvement with the treatment with us. All these reports are from different places and people. All these reports are showing how these people are improved with our treatment. Neha: yes you are right. We always talk with the proof of the reports so that people can trust As now day’s people are very smart and intelligent. They always want proof to get trust anything. Therefore, we also carry reports of the improved patients with us in this show. But in case, if you still have doubt in your mind,

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