Ayush-64 & Ayush-82

Ayush-64 & Ayush-82
The Ayurvedic Drug Ayush-64 is very effective for the treatment of Malaria which is one of the most prevalent; destructive widely spread disease, well known to Ayurvedic Physicians as Visama Jvara from ancient times. In view of its wide prevalence and …
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3 Ayurvedic Ways To Get Immediate Relief from High Blood Pressure
According to Ayurveda, high blood pressure results from a Pitta imbalance. The Pitta dosha is dominated by fire, which symbolizes all “heat” related activity in the human body, from digestive energy to summer's skin inflammation woes, stress and …

Narendra Modi to visit Tamil Nadu, Kerala for Global Ayurveda Festival
New Delhi: As per the official statement issued, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be visiting Kerala for the Global Ayurveda Festival, and Tamil Nadu. On Tuesday, the prime minister will arrive at Kerala's Kozhikode, where he will deliver an address …
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