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All these videos will open up the world of ayurveda for people new to the subject

Ayurvedic Body Types

A great video explaining the various doshas and how to recognize them this is explained the easiest way so you can identify your doshas and start the appropriate regime right now.

Como limpar o figado e vesícula – terapia Ayurveda

Ayurveda é um dos mais antigos sistemas medicinais da humanidade, desenvolvida há 7 mil anos, na India. O nome, em sânscrito, significa Ciência da Vida. A terapeuta ayurveda Parvati Devi fala sobre a limpeza do fígado e da vesícula, de acordo com o…

Watch “Wrong food combinations as per Ayurveda” 

Ayurveda has strict protocols for diet which ensure food is combined to give all the nutrition your body requires. If food is eaten and mixed incorrectly ayurvedic knowledge explains it has negative effects on the body below is an interesting video which may…