Ayurveda view on gluten intolerance

Gluten intolerance causes a lot of suffering nowadays in an event that we say there is three cause of disease wrong news excessive use and no use so most of us we consume gluten coming from wheat and the problem with the wheat is because the food industry process the hammer of its turn into white flour which has no nutrients on it and that’s why sometimes they had to fortify they have to put it back the nutrients they lost and so they made this because all the breads and pasta can have a long life shouts we’re not supposed to be eating wheat or any other grain as process we’re supposed to be eating as a whole as Mother Nature has done it for us so if you eat a whole wheat 100% whole wheat bread and you’re gonna find out that it’s gonna fill you up more than extra slice of white bread and the second problem is the excess of use the food industry knows that white flour can be used as a thickening agent so they started to use all the sauces and dressings and condiments like at shops and they even use on the spices to bulk it up and most of us we also eat like wheat cereal for breakfast or bread for breakfast and we also had bread again for lunch for a sandwich and then we’re not having pasta pizza burgers in the bun for dinner so we are not consumed way too much of the white flour the same ingredients so if I whether becoming very easy to understand that the problem is actually on the gluten itself the gluten is on its big monster that’s causing all the disease people speaking about the actually is the problem is the wrong use because it’s highly processed and excessive use because we consume way too much and even if you don’t consume on breads and pasta and things like this we consumes on our sauce and dressings and spices and because it’s everywhere and if you have a gluten intolerance I’m not speaking about celiac disease celiac disease is a whole different thing is an autoimmune disorder I’m speaking about gluten intolerance and if you have it I just suggested you to cut off a diet for a hundred percent for one or two months and then you slowly after that you can bring it back but as a whole wheat form as a whole grain whatever the grain that has gluten in it that you are consuming eat it as a whole grain and have any small quantities and most likely your gluten intolerance your reactions actually is gonna go away after that and you’ll be feeling better so that’s my half tip for today I see you guys next time

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