Ayurveda is now fully recognized in the UK as a viable alternative treatment for lifestyle associated conditions from retreats to doctors the United Kingdom is at the forefront of the World in the recognition of Ayurveda medicine and lifestyle products.

Below is an explanation of each of the options available to you when looking at Ayurveda in the UK and there will be more lianks added in the future for notable companies and clinics.

ayurveda uk retreats – information onĀ findingĀ the right Ayurveda retreat in the UK for you and your friends or family

ayurvedic doctor uk – information on finding the right ayurvedic doctor and how to recognize the qualifications and make sure you get the correct treatment.

ayurveda training uk – If your interesting in getting ayurveda training here is what to look for before proceeding with a course in Ayurveda