Ayurveda & Reflexology Box Set: Heal Yourself Naturally with Advanced Foot Reflexology Massage and Ancient Ayurveda Treatments (Reflexology and Ayurveda … Books, Reflexology for Begginers)


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    BOOK #1: Reflexology: Advanced Foot Reflexology Massage Techniques for Stress and Tension Relief

    Reflexology is becoming a popular stress reduction therapy as well as a method of fomenting vital energy within.

    The more advanced techniques are find a wide usage in healing, promoting a better immune response, and relieving pain.

    Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

    • The nature of stress and the importance of alleviation
    • Achieving the life force and energy balance
    • The history of reflexology
    • Basics of reflexology theory and practice
    • Advanced approaches to compression massage
    • Adjunct therapies with heat and cold
    • Basic health benefits

    BOOK #2: Ayurveda: Heal Yourself Naturally with Ayurveda Treatments, Massage, Diet and Tips How to Practice this Ancient Medicine

    Ayurveda is an alternative approach to attaining health and well-being that is becoming widely known and accepted around the world.

    If you assume Western medicine does not have all the answers, this book is for you. You will come to see how this ancient tradition focuses on disease prevention and individual custom treatment to arrive at its goals.

    It is a holistic approach that is not at all at odds with modern life; in fact, it is the answer to the stress and anxiety that is becoming so rampant. One can learn to help oneself by applying its principle: the connection of mind and body with the world around us.

    In the process, the reader will understand various aspects of the treatment including:

    • Understanding reasons for Ayurveda therapy
    • History and background
    • The role of Doshas
    • Natural treatment plans
    • Diet and yoga exercise
    • Meditation for spiritual strength
    • Lifestyle changes

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