The Book of Ayurveda (Gaia Classics)


Details:] The Book of Ayurveda is a fully illustrated guide, making this ancient Indian system of health and vitality easy to understand. Ayurveda interprets your constitution type as a combination of three fundamental energies: Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

This unique imprint affects your eating and sleeping habits, digestion, metabolism and moods, as well as your predisposition to particular health conditions. If your lifestyle is out of balance with your constitution, you will be prone to illness until the energy is adjusted.

Includes illustrated charts and questionnaires to identify your Ayurvedic type, lifestyle and exercise advice for vitality and health, plus food charts to explain how to balance your diet the Ayurvedic way.

Ideal for:
A very good companion for the begginner in the field.

This paperback book has 192 pages and measures: 23.5 x 19 x 1.2cm

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Ayurvedic Skin Care: Ancient Indian Remedies for Skin Conditions


In the present times, natural remedies are gaining momentum. Fruits, vegetables and herbs can be used to get rid of several forms of diseases. The best part about them is that, they have no side effects and are absolutely inexpensive. Thus, not only are they safe for health, but also turn out to be an economical option.

This trend for resorting to home remedies is not new. In fact, they have their origin in the ancient times. To deal with skin conditions, like blemishes, wrinkles, athlete’s foot, acne etc; there are plenty of effective natural remedies.

Table of Contents

Sunburn 38

Freckles 40

Psoriasis 41

Ringworm 43

Jock Itch 45

Peeling Skin 47

Corns 49

Rosacea 51

Athlete’s Foot 53

Burns 55

Cold Sores 57

Prickly Heat 59

Hives 61

Scabies 63

Chilblain 65

Shingles 67

Abrasion 68

Razor Burn 70

Bed Sores 71

Chafing 73

Measles 75

Bruises 77

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Ayurvedic Medicine: Ancient Ayurvedic Healing Secrets That Revitalize The Body, The Mind & Spirit (Ayurvedic Living Book 1)


How To Use Ancient Ayurvedic Healing To Bring About Wellness For The Mind, Body, And Spirit

What IS Ayurveda? Where Did It Originate From? How Can This Ancient Medicine Improve Your Life?

Ayurvedic medicine is certainly mysterious to most people. The very name Ayurvedic has mystique. Within this book we dive deep to enlighten you, the reader, not only about Ayurvedic Medicine but also its uses for your overall benefit. In this book, it will guide you to many of the Ayurvedic formulas you’re able to adopt to your lifestyle. There are a vast amount of therapies, formulas, herbs, and methods to allow Ayurvedic Medicine to heal all sorts of ailments, conditions, and these are some of the most unique of ANY in the world at natural healing.

At its core, Ayurvedic Medicine has been around for thousands of years, it has been improved upon, and perfected as a natural/holistic treatment for many illnesses. The best manner to really grasp Ayurvedic medicine is to experience it yourself, however, before you do, you need to educate yourself; bring about the basic understanding of how this can change your life, improve your life, and give you the abundant health and wellness you desire. This book can help you in ALL these areas.

5 Reasons to Buy This Book

1. In this book you will learn a little bit more about the history of Ayurvedic Medicine

2. This book will teach you about Ayurvedic pharmacology and pathology

3. In this book you will learn a little bit about the methods many have used for centuries, the “Great Elements Of Ayurveda”

4. This book will teach you about Ayurvedic Nutrition, What and When To Eat.

5. This book will teach you a little bit about the best ways to address specific conditions, how to manage, treat and in many cases cure them with Ayurvedic Medicine

What You’ll Know from Ayurvedic Medicine

• Ayurveda and The Western Concept

• Principles Of Practice

• Intro To Ayurvedic Treatments

• The Three Different Doshas & What They Are

• Remedies for Specific Conditions

• The Benefits Of An Ayurvedic Lifestyle

• Simple Ayurvedic Methods With Big Results

• Detoxing The Body Of Impurities Ayurvedically

• Leveraging Ayurvedic Medicine For Weight Loss

Want to Know More?

You found us for a reason. We, at The Medicine Cabinet, want to bring you to the best health, all naturally. With regard to Ayurvedic Medicine, we know you can learn and adopt this practice in your daily life, and along with our guidance in this book, and your efforts, anything is possible!

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Ayurvedic Medicine for Westerners: Pathology & Diagnosis in Ayurveda: Volume 2


This textbook explains clearly the Ayurvedic understanding of pathology and how to diagnosis the different stages of disease in the body and mind. Based on the functional nature of Ayurvedic Anatomy & Physiology Ayurvedic pathology recognizes several steps before disease as we know it in the West manifests. Hence, a profound understanding of pathology allows Ayurveda to prevent disease before it becomes “disease.” Ayurveda is truly a preventive medicine when understood correctly. This book contains color photos to help students understand diagnosis better. Pulse and tongue diagnosis are clearly explained in a simple manner. There is also a special section on clinical psychology as per the Caraka Samhita. All the classical methods of understanding disease are explained in this textbook which is the result of the authors 27 years of practice. Perhaps the most important aspect of Ayurveda today is the rich variety of therapeutic approaches integrated in the system. Therapeutics in Ayurveda is not a hodgepodge of different therapies; rather it is a comprehensive vision of health and well-being supported by nature’s abundant wealth of therapeutic substances. The fundamental vision of therapeutics is based on the functional vision of Ayurveda. This textbook explains in a clear, linear manner the two main approaches and many different categories of treatments available in Ayurvedic medicine, the basis of which is lifestyle therapies. “Pathology and Diagnosis in Ayurveda” by Vaidya Atreya Smith is Volume Two in a four volume series of textbooks for Western students of Ayurveda.

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Marma Therapy: The Healing Power of Ayurvedic Vital Point Massage


The effective yet gentle ‘Sukshma’ technique, for working with the Marma points at the emotional as well as on the physical level, is fully described in this book. Marma Therapy – the art of treating specific vital points on the human body – is one of the greatest healing secrets of Ayurveda. It can be used to detoxify, strengthen and revitalize the body, for rejuvenation and relaxation or to release blocked energy. The authors explain the theoretical basis of Marma Therapy, and then provide a detailed, fully illustrated guide to its use. For each Marma point, the authors provide information about its significance, the Ayurvedic element it relates to, the most appropriate oils to use, and what it can be used to treat. Clear step-by-step instructions and photographs illustrate the techniques, and advice is also included for self-treatment. The authors explain how to strengthen the Marmas through yoga and use mudras to support and complement Marma treatment. Finally, they describe how to treat common physical and emotional conditions, from headache and back pain, to exam nerves and insomnia.

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Ayurvedic Medicine for Westerners: Anatomy and Physiology in Ayurveda: Volume 1


Anatomy and physiology in Ayurveda are based on the body’s function rather than structure. Eventually both are of equal importance. Nevertheless, this fundamental difference is primary in understanding the logic of Ayurvedic medicine as a whole. This textbook is written for the Western student of Ayurveda who lacks the cultural context of India – the context that views the body, and creation in general, functionally. Many different details on Ayurvedic physiology are clearly distinguished from Ayurvedic anatomy in this book. Most books on this subject are either obscure, overly detailed, disorganized or confused. The goal of this textbook is to help students and practitioners of Ayurveda to better grasp the functional vision of Ayurveda through a logical, liner presentation of anatomy and physiology. The author of this textbook is a practitioner since 1987 and teaching since 1994. This unique combination allows the author, Vaidya Atreya Smith, to clearly explain the basic principles of Ayurveda. Once these concepts are thoroughly learned the following subjects of pathology, diagnosis and treatments become easy. In this book the Western student of Ayurveda will find a user friendly guide to de-crypt the profound ancient wisdom that is Ayurveda.

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The Body Balance Diet Plan: Lose Weight, Gain Energy and Feel Fantastic with the Science of Ayurveda


The Body Balance shows us how to make small changes that can make big differences to the way we look and feel using Ayurveda. The Body Balance uses principles from Ayurveda, India’s oldest approach to wellbeing to help achieve fast and lasting weight loss. Author Emine Ali Rushton, Beauty and Wellbeing Director of Psychologies magazine was originally a sceptic but found herself being converted to an Ayurvedic dietary approach during pregnancy. During Emine’s lifestyle change, she discovered how Ayurveda can tune and rebalance the body to achieve life transforming results; something she particularly discovered after the birth of her first child where she experienced the fast and effective weight loss results of a dosha related diet. Daisha is a key principle of Ayurveda, it teaches us that we have a basic body type that defines our personality and physical wellbeing from the foods we crave to those that spark allergies and increase weight gain. The perfect book for anyone that has experienced yo-yo dieting, it explains Ayurveda in a simple language for those who have never encountered this approach before. The Body Balance includes a simple 3-day diet plan and 30 seasonal recipes using obtainable ingredients, making this lifestyle change easy and achievable. The Body Balance will help you to determine your dosha type and how to eat accordingly in order to make you feel energized, light and beautiful again. Emine believes in providing a sustainable and sensible approach to weight loss and to effectively rid diet myths once and for all, and The Body Balance Diet Plan does just that.

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