Aleppo Soap 40% laurel oil 190g made by a master soap maker from Aleppo


Product Features

  • Professional quality product for your private wellness.
  • Made in France, by a master soap maker from Aleppo.
  • With its 40% bay laurel oil, real Aleppo soap is ideal for taking care of your skin every day. With many moisturizing and soothing properties, it can be used by the entire family for the hygiene of the body, face and hair.
  • Made using traditional methods, this authentic Aleppo soap is made from 40% laurel oil, a feature that allows it to take care of sensitive skin gently.
  • 190 g
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Product Description

Composition: Saponified olive oil (sodium olivate), Bay Oil Laurier saponified (sodium laurate) 40% of total oil, Water (aqua) 5%, soda (sodium hydroxide) traces from the saponification. Weight: 190 g.

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